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Thread: Shanti - Sensual Massage Wellington

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    Default Shanti - Sensual Massage Wellington

    A thread for Shanti fans to post reviews. Shanti was my first punting experience about a year ago, and I whilst I have tried and enjoyed other SM WGs, I keep going back. The words in her ad on NZG is very true.

    Sensual and erotic is certainly the style, slow, tender other words that spring to mind. Whilst other SMs have been great and usually deliver the expected release, there is something about Shanti....

    During our last encounter, there was little massage and we basically made out for the hour with orgasms all round (well it felt like it to me). If you think back to your teenage years when you wouldn't go all the way with your girlfriend, but still had a great sexual experience is the best description I can give.

    Shanti likes what she does, and at the time it feels like you are her only client.

    If you are in Welli and want a sensual sexual encounter knowing that BJ and FS are definitely not on the menu, a call is highly recommended.

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    Thank you SecretJim

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