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Thread: Amber's blog: can we all just get along?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberOhara View Post
    Yes trust takes a while to build, and it can be very disheartening when it is broken. I don't think it's necessarily around the sharing of secrets entirely but sometimes that is a part of it. However, having said that - my own positive experiences with working girls and punters outweighs the negative or sad by miles and I'm a glass half full type of person by nature anyway, so I hold onto the happy memories, anything else can fall by the wayside.

    I consider myself very lucky to have crossed paths with many of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3
    And us you Amber!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissyOMore View Post
    A connection, trust, and respect!
    A touch of openness and honesty goes a long way too

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberOhara View Post
    To Network or Not to Network | Amber O'Hara, MILF escort, Christchurch New Zealand

    Is it possible to befriend people you meet in the industry? Would you want to? Have you?

    Quote Originally Posted by AmberOhara View Post
    When you hear people like that big-forehead-guy from the Chiefs (whose name I didn't catch) say that strippers, and he means all sex workers, do not have a good standing in society, or are filthy rotton whores who can't be trusted, or however he paraphrased it and the Nordic model of sex work advocates, who say that clients are just exploiterers, does it make you wonder
    Wondered when I'd heard a more fucked up media release from an nz sporting group. Sad.

    Quote Originally Posted by AmberOhara View Post
    What are your thoughts on networking?
    Depends what is meant by networking; how much actual works involved & whether the boss approves

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