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Thread: Mile High Club?

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    Default Mile High Club?

    So holidays coming up, anyone a member of the mile high club??

    I will put my hand up and say NO I have not joined the club but I have got a lovey blow job off a great French girl I use to know under the airline blanket in the long haul sleep time of the flight!!! Wonderful

    On another flight I had a German girl sitting next to me in the middle seat and her brother was on the window asleep.
    Again long haul sleep time part of the flight - everybody around is out to it.
    I am watching a movie and she reaches into a bag and off comes the blouse and she starts to give herself a wash with a wet wipe!!
    My interest in the movie waned badly as she had these massive boobs straining under this bra - the bra must have been made of Kevlar to keep that pair from "escaping".
    Anyway she just flashes me a smile as she has basically put her back to her brother so these boobs are only a few cm from my face OH MAN please god please lets hit an air pocket PLEASE!!!
    But no and then she puts on another shirt she has in her bag gives me another smile and goes to sleep.

    So no "actual" mile high club membership for me.
    I also wonder the cleanliness and size of these toilets to do the business - even in business class.

    But it's really just an ego thing to say you have done it I suppose, got the Tee Shirt?

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    I had a wank in the BC toilet on NZ1 once. Closest I've been to the mile-high club.

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    I don't know if NZ1 is an Americas Cup yacht , or the PM's plane , but either way , I'm sure theres been lots of wankers there before you haha . . . . .

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    legs are not long enough to stretch a mile in the air

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