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Thread: Interested in NZ punting scene

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    Default Interested in NZ punting scene

    Hi all,

    Been a punter in Sydney for a while and am looking into the nz punting scene

    Intrigued by some of the price differences - as there are quite a lot of WL in Sydney charging 600++++ to 1000 / hr

    Perhaps wanting to spend sometime in the future working in NZ

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    Welcome Mr Hands . There seem to be several parlours in Sydney at around $250-300 ( some seem to charge a room fee , then the fee for the girl -- but the $250-300 seems to be the 'going rate' at those places .

    We have had a few similar threads here on Adult Forum ( AF ) and I haven't seen a definitive answer as to whether the higher priced girls in Australia get much work ( i.e. treat it as a 'job' , or whether they are simply supplementing another job , or studies ?

    I know , from talking to a couple of NZ girls , that have tried higher prices in NZ and even in Australia , that the amount of work seems to decrease a lot .

    The other point is that , as far as I can tell , it is illegal for a girl to work independently in NSW , and illegal to advertise ( in newspapers or on-line ) , even illegal to work from a hotel or motel ? I may have read that wrong , but if it is the case , then a girl would definitely want to charge a premium .

    But then surely even Australians could work out that the better girls are likely to either be unadvertised , or working at parlours ?

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    My personal experience of punting in Sydney are the following:

    In Sydney for 20-30 y/o Caucasian girls it's 300-450 in parlours (GFE passionate kissing incl) (golden apple, liaisons, stilettos etc)
    For Asian girls 20-30 y/o it's 200-350 (GFE, passionate kissing incl) (ginza, 5 star)

    There are gems that could be found in the lower tier brothels but a general rule of thumb is:
    30-50 y/o Caucasian 250-300 (Croydon, Amanda's heaven - changed name)
    30-50 y/o Asian 150-250 (Rockdale, marrickville, gladesville, Hornsby, Roseville, tp64, Cowper, list goes on and on!!)
    The younger girls in the lower tier either don't kiss or charge lots of extras or have 2 shot rules etc)

    Then you have cracker and independents who charge anywhere from 150 - 1000++ independents are well reviewed on Punterplanet which is where I originated from - there are lots of high quality independs but is out of my price range 600++ /hr - not to say they don't provide premium service.... just haven't had the best chances to get into that market due to the high price lols.

    The above is just a rough breakdown of the current WL market in Sydney

    If given the chance I am definately keen to get knee deep in the WL market in New Zealand!
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    Hi there, and welcome to the forum.

    Based upon experiences in both Sydney and Auckland I generally found Auckland to be the better place of the two. In fact I found that if I came across a Kiwi girl in Sydney the service was a lot better than the local talent, some of which was really starfish sex.

    However my experiences of AKL are prior to decriminalisation, but reading on this forum about all the great girls in NZ, I would dip my toe again when I next travel to NZ. I would consider a trip to Wellington for fun too, maybe a booking with AJ or Shelby to really blow my mind.

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