If there is anyone that doesn't now think that boincoin is a confidence trick -- I saw scrolling across a web page this morning "Profit From BitCoins Volatility" . Yes , I'm not making this shit up . You can 'bet' on whether BitCoin will go up or down in value , without actually buying these coins !

Now , for someone who can't understand basic economics ( you know , Labour Party cabinet ministers , Labour Party supporters and the like haha ) -- if 1 person makes a $1 , someone else has to lose a $1 , and because there is brokerage fees and the like , there will be middle men taking a slice of this action too . So the person that loses $1 may actually lose $1.25 , and the person who makes a $1 may only make 75 cents , and the broker in the middle will make 50 cents or whatever , with no real risk apart from on-line ads .

Avoid . Avoid . Avoid .