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Thread: Girl Friend Experience - what is it

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    I agree with what others posted. Except that FS can still be warm, tender and personal and build up a caring chatty relationship too, that is the ideal not wham bam

    Standard FS is massage, probably breast slides, cbj and sex. Around the world it was once called. If cuddles are requested most girls will oblige as its lazier than massaging LOL. Most girls oblige a position change or two but again depends on practical aspects eg some guys dicks are bent, too short or wrong angle or too big for certain positions. We get to know when theres gonna be a bad fit with pop outs and awkward striving! Too many position changes becomes annoying cos we not blow ups.

    GFE is more personal replicating what gf's may do so kissing (mostly french but sometimes not depending how she finds you eg clean, cold sore coughing etc), possibly intimate touch below or mutual oral. Best to check by asking as some may charge more for 69 in the gfe

    A less common understanding of GFE is to take that out of the bedroom, some guys want an escort to go out and curl up on couch to watch movies or have a few drinks and not actually be sex focussed, they just want the whole package and might not even want sex.Or may be easy either way but thats not the primary thing so much as no strings feminine company. Then they may not want gfe type sex but less intimate F/S due to careful hygiene. So thats like a mixed sorta booking.

    As for multiple position changes, full on sex, raunch, well I don't see that as gfe, more as porn star experience.
    But every girl mixes her own ingredients to suit her best way to work.

    Many clients discuss desires and a girls comfort zone pre booking. Far better to know each others deal makers and breakers before confirming an appointment.
    It's disappointing to hear some people mislead re their services. They do so because of unreasonable expectations these days I guess, hoping that by getting a client to meet them the client will be happy enough with the service that missing out on gfe won't matter and they'll come back. Thats because many clients are gfe flexi ie they like it but its not a deal breaker IF they find a girl is still lovely enough to send them away feeling blissy.
    I just wish more of the industry felt safe to be proudly fs and not gfe, because I know the pressure to move to gfe is causing many former and long term fs girls to move to just sensual massage or exit the industry

    The historic reasons FS was for decades the standard service pre decrim and gfe did not exist are about sane safe working. More hygienic, less likely the odd unbalanced client gets confused and turns stalker, keeps you from losing professional boundaries and getting a crush, and leaves something that is special to share with your real partner. It also prevents burnout and reduces the yuk factor as lets face it theres a yuk demographic in our client base sorry! Think if you needed to not just be flirty but real intimate with all your clients.. really, think about that.

    So imo don't take it personally if a worker does not offer full gfe, not all doing it are happy about it either - it is about economics and competitive edge for some.
    Gfe in Oz has proven a slippery slope, pass go and pick up your $200 extra for unprotected Daty, next step unprotected bj then why not unprotected sex and even getting common to do unprotected anal in oz. The nature of competition in an industry blighted by drug use and customers trying to reset norms that ever push new boundaries is truly frightening. Even writing reviews here that moan about how cold f/s girls are (painted as just after money when we charge less) and glorify those who are gfe or offer "special" (illegal) services exerts none too subtle pressure on new girls.

    No WG is better than others, all are professionals and guys need to see us as needing consideration of what we really want. The best clients do not assume their money owns us, like a jukebox. They treat any encounter the same as they would with a non worker and genuinely check out what ladies are ok with. Some have bosses who insist they advertise services they are not ok with, causinn some to buckle and give in and leaving more assertive ones with the headache of dealing with it.
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    Loving the ladies here! So much great punter info. xxx
    Girl Friend Experience - what is it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breena View Post
    The consistencies you should always expect though are...
    - she should always seem happy to see you, like she's expecting you and excited!
    - she should kiss you passionately, and if she doesn't perhaps ask "is my breath okay, is something wrong?"
    - she should be enthusiastic about touching you and your body and will be responsive when you pleasure her
    - she will be keen to have sex with you and try different positions If you ask, sometimes she might even suggest her favourite.
    - she should cuddle you after you are done and be keen to engage in conversation with you
    - she should be enthusiastic about round two if you suggest it or indicate that you want to go again (within a reasonable time)
    Nailed it Breena!

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    One other thing COB I think is part of the GFE.

    But some charge extra for this and some that even advertise GFE, state this is an extra.

    Just think it's a "money grab" to tell you the truth....but there you go.

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    I'm with Croc and Monique on the gfe being an extra on the whole. If I was looking at an ad I'd probably move on. That said there's nothing in particular that has to happen in a booking for me, just enthusiasm and a willingness to please. That's the gold standard for me now, and if there's places she doesn't wanna go we won't go there, no sweat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowhand View Post
    That's the gold standard for me now, and if there's places she doesn't wanna go we won't go there, no sweat.
    And here I was assuming your main criteria was "will she give me an experience I can write 2000 words about?" 😉

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    GFE has just turned into a term that is thrown into all profiles these days, doesn’t really mean much to me anymore.
    Every situation/booking/circumstance is different and unique with every punter/WG.
    I’ve had tons of full on (what is considered) GFE with girls that only advertise as standard or full service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddywilson View Post
    And here I was assuming your main criteria was "will she give me an experience I can write 2000 words about?" ��
    haha .. that's slow to a T

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