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Thread: if you are an active escort but do not advertise on NZG: Read Me

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    Default if you are an active escort but do not advertise on NZG: Read Me

    If you're an active escort currently not advertising with NZG and you wish to take part in the adult forum community or just respond to a review that a member wrote about your services, you are welcome to register. However, any form of promotion is restricted to NZG advertisers exclusively (sidenote: if you'd like to advertise with them, the signup form can be found here: Official NZGirls - Auckland Escorts ).

    We've created a specific user type on the forum which makes it easier for you to stay within the acceptable bounds and for us to moderate and insure that you do. This usertype is restricted from using the Chat, creating new threads in most sections or sending private messages to other users. So if you are an escort that doesn't advertise on , Once you've registered and are aware of these rules please contact me via the form here: and I'll assign you to the usertype.

    We'll be assigning escorts to this group as they are discovered, if you feel you have been assigned to the group by mistake and you have at least had an ad with NZG live within the last month contact me via the same form with a link to your ad (even if it isn't currently live) and I'll investigate and correct that if needed.

    Guidelines to posting:
    While your account will be limited in what it can do, it is still possible to break the rules and be banned. keep in mind the following and you should be ok:

    No links to your ads on other platforms, No Contact details, No addresses or social media links. Don't even name the website you advertise on, punters (at least most of the ones on this forum) can figure that out for themselves.

    If a member asks a question to you specifically about whether or not you provide a certain service, a simple yes or no answer with a short explanation why would be fine, if it was general question/request (e.g. Can anyone recommend an escort who does ____ near ____) , and especially if it's directed at someone else and you slid in to say something along the lines of "me and/or my fellow ladies at ____ provide that type of service" I'd consider this self promotion and potentially a bannable offence. If it became obvious that a punter was "helping" out a non-nzg escort get around these restrictions by asking questions of them repeatedly or promoting her themselves frequently, they could also be punished.

    more guidelines will come as we work through this, if you have questions ask away.
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