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Thread: Photographs and identity concealment

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    There is certainly a lot to consider - especially self consciousness of the body. I've found a lot of women (I won't say all, as this is not the case) see their own photos in a completely different light to how a male sees them.
    They will pick up on subtleties that I just don't believe a guy would. A wrinkle here or a skin fold there. These are natural things that are visible in certain poses that appear no matter how large or small a model is.
    The key is to be aware of these and either re-pose the model or hide this with a deftly placed hand or item of loose clothing/sheet/pillow... whatever is available.
    Often these types of things won't be obvious unless pointed out. This is why I like to share images with the subject as I'm shooting so they can see what I am doing and if they don't like it we can try something different.
    It would be ideal to shoot tethered to a laptop for this so that the images can be seen by both the photographer and the model as the shoot progresses. This way things are more flowing and potentially more dynamic - able to correct on the fly. Unfortunately this isn't often possible due to space restrictions etc. In a studio this is more suitable but unfortunately this isn't something I have the benefit of using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madg13 View Post
    I guess it all depends where said items are.

    I did have a great photo of @*Peaches* seductively licking or kissing a banana in one of the photoshoots with her. Unfortunately it couldn't be used due to discretion reasons (showing her face quite clearly).
    It's sad as it was a great shot showing her amazing eyes and full red lips. It would have made any man weak at the knees.
    Madg13, your photo shoot of Peaches and Amanda was very good (and a memorable review). Shame you couldn't use those pics as Peaches eyes are stunning and would be more than memorable in that setting but obviously unusable for promotion in this instance. (And cause intense jealousy to all of us who now know it exists an can't see it) There was a picture used that showed her lips that always got me going and I guess shows how effective that is in bridging that teasing but identity protecting image issue. And of course Amanda is always a stunning subject to peruse.

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    Who's own the place overlooking Grafton Road Bridge??
    Seems like every 3rd Escort in Auckland gets her photo's done there at present......

    Dark glasses, different hair - style / colour, large scarf / large hat -rim.
    Off centre shots, head turned 45 deg.

    Behind shots are sexy.

    Identity concealment - better to er on the side of caution than show to much IMO.

    Anyway guys always like the boob, leg and arse shots.

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