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Buying decisions. I was having a fascinating discussion with an intelligent man in the middle of the other night. Apparently women are less emotional / more rational when it comes to spending money. Studies have proved it.
I would ask him for a citation, a few minutes with google round this claim brings up nothing like it.
It did bring up some cited work by Professor Karen Pine which points to the opposite. "middle-class, homeowning women in their 40s who are the most likely to have money problems. Many of these women have huge levels of debt on credit and store cards".

"A 2015 study at the University of Texas is just one of many to show that hormonal fluctuations alter spending.
When we are pre-menstrual, women are apparently more likely to make impulse purchases. ‘Spending is tied to emotions, or at least fluctuating emotions,’ Prof Pine says. ‘For some, buying things can be a way to cheer themselves up when they’re feeling down. Buying things is an “indulgence”; you feel you “deserve” it. When you buy things that thrill you, it creates a rush of endorphins, sometimes followed with anxiety – so-called “buyer’s remorse”.