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  1. 2p adventure
  2. How many of you are married?
  3. Find a relationship or a fling
  4. What Chicks Want.
  5. would you ever date/marry an escort?
  6. DD+
  7. Please help me
  8. Synchronicity
  9. Good place to take a girl out??
  10. keep your wits about you
  11. My daughter has just taken in a new female flatmate...
  12. What's for dinner?
  13. Odd Couples
  14. Age Difference Couples: Yes or No?
  15. Breast size and relationships
  16. Looking for sugar Mumma
  17. Psycho? Very jealous? Too insecure? Crazy woman?
  18. Russian Marriage Agency
  19. The Pursuit of Happiness
  20. Incall versus Outcall
  21. I Wana Spend Some Golden Moment With A Beautiful Girl In France, Where Should I Searc
  22. Where To Find Single Asain Girls?
  23. Escorts, partners and cheating
  24. Successful relationships asian girls and kiwi men?
  25. asian girl marry me lol
  26. 50 Things Men Wish Women Knew
  27. 5 Things You Should Never Say to Her
  28. dating question for the ladies.
  29. 10 New Places to Have Sex
  30. `Just do it' sex call sparks women's fury...
  31. The State of Play
  32. Good Looking vs Attractive
  33. Treat em mean, keep em keen ... yeah?
  34. Love at first sight
  35. What Would You Do??
  36. Dictionary Of Dating
  37. Polyamory
  38. When you meet someone, do you concentrate on their physical appearance or the way the
  39. Dollydaydream and Ace are in love
  40. Do u marry for love or marry for convenience
  41. Age differance's paid or not.
  42. Monogamy is highly over-rated.
  43. Male emotions vs Female emotions
  44. Is pornography beneficial or detrimental to a relationship?
  45. Women should say "yes" more often
  46. Very heartbroken, need help
  47. WG sex vs. Booty Call sex
  48. My dream
  49. addicted to asian girls
  50. How To Be A Bitch 101
  51. As a WL would you ever consider marrying a client?
  52. It Was Me
  53. Honesty - even if it hurts
  54. What is this thing called Love?
  55. Is it wrong to like a wg as a good friend ???
  56. Once a cheater...
  57. ...time to check out WG 2009?....
  58. ..is that a ladder in your stocking ?...
  59. Listen up men...
  60. So who placed this ad?
  61. Blind Dates
  62. Listen up Women...
  63. It's not difficult to make a woman happy...
  64. rodibobo
  65. eating cum advice
  66. Finding Mr. Right......
  67. 'And I think she enjoyed it too..!!' Doubtful.....
  68. Inflagante Rules of Engagement
  69. Who chooses who?
  70. M.A.T.E.
  71. Are we all jaded?
  72. would a retiring WG ever date/marry a punter?
  73. when he cheats.....
  74. IF MY FK BUDDY wants to experience mmf
  75. Finding chinese girlfriend
  76. how men cope with partners who are W/L
  77. Prostitutes are better because...
  78. How has...
  79. Marriage...A Very short Love Story
  80. How to date a Chinese girl.
  81. Getting Over Someone
  82. lost and confused
  83. Flame on...
  84. What's so bad about "cheating"? - in the Tiger Woods sense
  85. How Many W/G quit for their partners?
  86. Afterwards
  87. Internet dating sites for Sex partners
  88. How do u make ur partner feel loved?
  89. Monitoring personal online activity
  90. Look but don't touch or touch but don't look?
  91. new relationship poster for men!
  92. Why marry again? What qualities make you give up your freedom again (men)?
  94. J-bob has a problem.....
  95. Are married women truly off limits?
  96. So what the fuck is an open relationship?
  97. How Do Couples Divide Their Money?
  98. Does it mean anything if a woman mentions 'penis' or 'cock' in conversation?
  99. Why you keep getting dumped, according to an amazing infographic
  100. How often do you have sex with your partner?
  101. Your wife doesn't understand you because you are too close, study suggests
  102. What the fark to do?
  104. How to avoid the friend bin?
  105. Bi side
  106. Sex with your partner
  108. shifting sands
  109. Seperated
  110. porn vs ex gfs naked pics
  111. Confident Men - Where The Bloody Hell Are Ya??!!
  112. Princesse vs. Tomboy
  113. Sorry
  114. BEING A MAN
  115. Dog-eared books
  116. Sex workers, partners and fidelity
  117. When does friendship stop, and relationship begin?
  118. Why did i start sleeping with this amazing friend of mine
  119. "Torn Between Two Lovers"
  120. 10 politically incorrect truths about Human Nature
  121. how to deal
  122. Is it ok to be in love with a man and a woman simultaneously?
  124. Feminine Women - Where the Hell are ya?
  125. This is bullshit
  126. Having big dry spells in our sex life . . ur help please
  127. What to do?
  128. Ladies: would u ever marry a punter who wants to carry on punting post-matrimonium?
  129. Looking for lady love for my lady
  130. Friends with Benifits
  131. WGs - would you, could you, have you ever paid another person for sex?
  132. How do you tell
  133. Some serious advice please
  134. Cant seem to get her interested... help required
  135. Dose this good for satisfaction
  136. Relationships that start w/sexual fireworks end up in explosion of shit....
  137. can anyone please offer some genuine advice
  138. How to get your wife into the mood?
  139. When the passion fades...
  140. friends first
  141. Marriage - is still relevant and worth it?
  142. womens preferences
  143. Who rules the roost
  145. Songs to Strip to
  147. Gender balance in New Zealand
  148. any advice???
  149. Dating Advice please
  150. Told your star sign does not match
  151. How to please wife for swinging?
  152. Halloween Sexy Fun.!!
  153. Male in early sixties - what would you do ?
  154. meeting ppl in welly
  155. IS Virginity That Important????
  156. If you are male, single and over 60 are you....
  157. Sweet Little Lies
  158. It is possible to fall in love with WG
  159. Ever been with any of these girls?
  160. Double lives and the split self
  161. What is the meaning of Love ?
  162. 50 Things Women Wish Men Knew.
  163. After a bit of advice from the lady's...
  164. dating a working girl
  165. tips for dating flatemates
  166. why are you chicks so damn complicated
  167. What do you think of it?
  168. Its complicated!
  169. Tinder
  170. Like or Love
  171. Cost per orgasm
  172. Real Name
  173. How can I get a kiwi girl friend?
  174. who wanna exchange partner????
  175. Amber's latest blog post - OUT!
  176. You aren't dominant, you are probably just an asshole
  177. Advice?
  178. Little to no desire for serious relationships
  179. Women! Think before you speak!
  180. Amber's valentines day blog post - loving relationships: can a sex worker have it all
  181. Ex Wife
  182. Once upon a time, I met a girl who I fell in love with.
  183. Why women stay single
  184. Free lovin'
  185. Wisdom on approaching woman. Must Watch.
  186. Open Relationships/Polyamory Advice
  187. Rethinking infidelity: A TED talk for anyone who has ever loved
  188. Take Me Out
  189. "What's Your Number?"
  190. Which is better - reciprocated love or full GFE?
  191. Committed Relationships
  192. Should a woman pay for her meal?
  193. Exactly 38 minutes of my day are mine
  194. Tinder
  195. Amber's blog: can we all just get along?
  196. Guys getting rejected on dating shows
  197. Thoughts for the New Year
  198. Advice opinions wanted!
  199. Sex on average
  200. Cheating on your husband/boyfriend?
  201. Bang! A radio programme about fucking
  202. Confusing relationships
  203. How many times have you been asked out?
  204. Married At First Sight
  205. Question for the guys
  206. Have you ever paid a escort for more than sex or been robbed (Relationships)
  207. Tall, dark and handsome vs short, pale and ugly