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    Default Funny stories with WG

    Just want to write some of the funny experiences I had with WG's. The intention here is not to make fun of anybody as I am not even going to mention their names, but just some odd, weird and interesting stories.
    Maybe you can add yours if you want.

    Years ago I booked a time with this young girl in Mt Roskill. She opened the door and she was really pretty, early 20's, however a bit chubby...that's OK.
    She told me that she had just started in the business and I said that's fine.
    Clothes off, she had some trouble in fitting the condom and didn't know exactly how to suck.
    Me - Alright...Let's have some fun I asked.
    She. Hhhmmm...don't know.
    Me - Sorry ?
    She - Hhmmm..don't know.
    Me - Well, sorry but I paid you for 20 min right ?
    She..."hmm...OK...but I think this is going to hurt."
    Me - I will be careful...approaching her vagina...
    She - is going to hurt...careful...its going to hurt....
    Me - I will put only the head then...
    She - it is hurting...I knew is hurting....
    Me - But...I barely put it inside....OK....Removed penis and ....Hmm...OK...lets try another position then ?
    She - No...
    Me - OK then....removed condom. got dressed and said good bye....
    She - Bye then.

    Back in 2009 more or less I visited a lady in St Lukes who had some sort of mental issue or something.
    She was not that old (around 40 something), brunette...nice skin color, nice hair, large boobs and hairy pussy.
    In my first visit, I knocked on the door (very light), she opens and tells me to be quiet....The neighbors can hear it...she said.
    Then she asked me if I was from Iran ? I said.
    On bed, she takes off her clothes, and I asked only a BJ please....She agreed.
    She grabs my hard penis and starts starring at it saying..."ohhh...the penis...."ohhh...yes....ohhh...THE penis..."
    At that time I started losing the erection for such weird behavior and then she just puts the condom on and starts sucking it...I came in 10 seconds and in less than a minute later I was already dressed and by the door.
    Bye, thanks..and see you never again.

    A few years back I booked a time with a stunning asian on Marua Rd (at least she looked stunning on the photos)
    Got at the door and this weird looking girl, probably polynesian, opens the door and says "hello". She had puffed and red eyes, the hair was a mess, and looked like she was half sleep.
    I said...are you XYZ and she said "Yup". don't look "XYZ"....are you sure. She...."hmmmm...ohhh....hmmm...yup"
    Look, sorry, I said...but I thought you were someone else...she then...Alright...bye..

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    Maybe it's time to up the game from the budget menus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilbert View Post
    Maybe it's time to up the game from the budget menus.
    Yeah , but the stories aren't as good . . . . . . . . .

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