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Thread: Jane Summers in a Bella Nova World

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    Default Jane Summers in a Bella Nova World

    We got lucky. We got spoiled. We got traumatised....
    We got Jane Summered.

    Us Bella Nova ladies had the privilege of Jane coming to work with us for a few days, and what a fun adventure it was!
    Surprise triples, Kinky voyages, Her first reverse body slides, Teaching the girls new tricks... The weekend had it all!

    I can honestly say that Jane slipped into our SM world seamlessly, that girlís a natural at erotic displays and it showed. She learnt some new tricks from us to now use in her sexy sensual massage services and we learnt A LOT from her about how to really use every inch of your body to tease and please a man.
    I have to say that Bella Nova, and some of our ladies, wonít be the same again after spending time with this stunner.

    It so easy to see why sheís so popular, she really is that good, and Iíve only seen her massage! So damn you men are lucky!!!
    If you havenít yet had the fortune to see this lady then you really must, and if itís because FS isnít your thing then go and see her for SM, I promise you itíll be an amazing session no matter which route you take.

    Jane, thank you for coming to play with us, and thank you for being an amazing human who transformed my weekend into one hell of a wild ride that I was reluctant to see end.
    Please come back to visit soon xx

    P.s- we also must repeat that night of half naked men surrounding us
    Jane Summers in a Bella Nova World

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    Great review! Ain’t she awesome! You are too.

    Put the two of you together, even awesomer.

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    Thank you Alice <3

    I had such an awesome time with the BN girls, fan-girling over Lulu!

    Thank you to all the girls for being so kind and welcoming. It was great fun.

    I dont think I will forget that night in a long time Alice - will it also include being aggressively hit on?? Dont forget those men were gorgeous hahahaha.
    What a great few days it was. I can't wait to go back!!!

    Also, thank you to all my wonderful clients I had - especially those that allow me to do the planning and scheming

    See you soon Alice!
    Jane Summers in a Bella Nova World

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