While I'm posting, I might as well add this late review. I went to see Pacific Girl about 1-2 weeks ago (time flies!). A very enjoyable experience with a lovely young lady. She has a great personality, and it was a fun time (one of the best wgs I've visited I must say). It was a difficult choice between going to see her again today or taking the chance on a good time with Savannah. Two different personalities, both great. PG was very relaxed, unrushed, great sex (possibly the best oral skills I've had from a wg, and rating up near second or third place for oral all around), and good conversation for someone her age. All in all a very enjoyable experience, from a very professional young lady. I'll certainly visit her again.

Not really a downside, but she sometimes seemed to lack some confidence, asking if certain things were okay with me. Of course, this could also be that she was genuinely interested in making sure I was happy, which I was, leaving with a big smile on my face.