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Thread: Kuta, Bali - Quick review of a massage parlour

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    Default Kuta, Bali - Quick review of a massage parlour

    OK, so I'm now in Bali. It's hot here, but very nice. I do like the Balinese women, very, very cute. Tiny little things too.

    I checked out some some 'fun' here. There's either an escort service, which is pretty expensive, about $160 (NZ) an hour or you can visit a massage parlour. I didn't want a FS, just a massage again with a happy ending. I tired to get some names of places people have recommended, but couldn't find any local, but I heard Kuta, on the west coast was good. I headed over for an afternoon, I told my taxi guy, I'd be a couple of hours and wandered around. I thought I might find a good massage place and try my luck. Boy, was my luck in that day!!!

    Down one of the market roads, I headed past a place, where there is about 4 girls sat out side, all of them gorgeous in tight fitting uniforms. One of them stands up, comes up to me asking if I want a massage, 'How much?', I replied, '50k IDR (about $6 (NZ))', 'OK, I says' and she drags me inside the shop by the hand.

    She was a lovely little thing, a Balinese girl, called Rosemary, she got me into the shop, gave me a long hug saying thank you, for the business I thought, as she's hugging me, she's looking at me and seemed to be saying 'I want to kiss', so, I did, a nice long kiss with a good amount of ass squeezing from both sides. 'OK', me thinks, 'this should be good!'.

    She takes me to a back, curtained area, and tells me to strip, while still putting her arms around me and giving me kisses. I take off my clothes, with now, a raging hard on, which she gives a little squeeze and says we'll have to do something about that.

    I lay on my front and she starts to massage me, making sure, when she's near the top of my legs, to brush against my balls.

    The only down side about the visit was all the 'patter' she gave me, 'You're so handsome', 'You be my husband', 'I never forget you', which I all took with a large pinch of salt, obviously. She also said I've already broken her heart, since I was wearing my wedding ring.

    She turned me over and while massaging my front, she kept the kisses coming and let me play with her ass and tits. It was delightful! Every now and then, a little squeeze of my knob, meant I was ready to 'pop'!!!

    As the hour drew to a close, she put a load of lube on me 'john thomas' and then kissed me and she gave me a happy ending! Man, it was great, felt really, really good! She cleaned me up and I asked how much...50k, $6!!! I couldn't believe it! All that fun, a good massage, all the ass and tit I could grab and some lush kissing, all for $6!!!

    I'll get the name of the place when I go back, coz I'll be heading back there a few more times for that price and service.

    I'm not sure about all the massage places in Bali, but damn, there are some good ones here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toya View Post
    all for $6!!!
    Wow, I paid five times that on a regular basis for a standard massage over there. Good find!

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    going over in a month, keep the reviews coming

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