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Thread: 10*9 Dominion Rd Lilly's clinic

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    Default 10*9 Dominion Rd Lilly's clinic

    Just visit 10(sex)9 dominion road lilly's clinic. The massage place that is operating as a brothel. Wonder what the council thinks of this???????
    What the fuck?
    All lady boys inside.
    What the fuck?
    I know it when I see it.
    I see adams apple I thought and then they run hand through the hair (I think they were wigs) but then shit I saw the muscle on her arm.
    Said "Sorry" just ran away but many men come in and fuck them. Stupid wankers keep dim lights so ur not sure which hole it goes into.

    I read this forum often but nobody warned me anything about this place!!! I feel like I took a biggg hit for the team, I'm quite experienced punter but damn this place freaked me out totally my knees really shaking.

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    Never seen a lady boy at this place.
    Girls reflect pricing .
    And mamasan always straight up with me on who there and not.
    One of the better places for Asian.
    I would go again if budget only allowed that price range.

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    the girls might be on steroids.

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    I agree with roundeye on this one. Captainfuck is really bagging quite a few asian places and I am suspicious as to his motivation. I encourage anyone to review bad experiences - but I can't believe captainfuck myself. It has been a few years since I went to this place but it was okay then. okay for the money. nothing special. I did once have a real hottie here, but again, a few years back now.

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