NO. We can NOT delete your profile.

So think LONG and HARD (no pun intended) before you use this forum.

Why not?
Because when you post, you are contributing to a 'conversation' - when we remove elements of the conversation and people read over that thread, it makes no sense. It ruins the flow of the forum and is generally just a pain in the ass.

  • It is extremely time consuming to remove all of your posts.
  • If you have made more than 50 posts, it must be done by hand.
  • Many of your posts are likely 'quoted' by others, which makes things 10x harder.

When signing up to the Adult Forum please use these tips;

  • Do NOT use your real name for your username.
  • Pick a username that you have NEVER used on any other site.
  • Use a very private email address. NOT your family computers email**
  • Don't give away identifying information in your posts.
  • Don't leave your computer logged in and clear the history if you have something to hide.

** Clarification about the email address. No other members on the forum can see your email address, the reason we suggest using a private email address when you sign up to the forum is because, on occasion, the Adult Forum system administrator may send newsletters, updates or wish you a happy birthday if you entered your birth date on your profile. It's better to use a private email addy if you don't want to have to explain why the Adult Forum wished you a happy birthday

But I don't want to use the forum any longer, I want you to hide or scrub my identity.
The best thing we can do in this situation, is simply rename your Adult Forum profile, change your password to something you don't know, remove your email from the database, and ban your account so you can't come back.

Use your brain, put a little thought in to this. It's easy enough to stay anonymous and just remember, if you are going to start up a posting frenzy, think strongly about where you might be in one years time and take the proper precautions to avoid any identifying information on the forum. It's not that hard.