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Thread: Buying Domain Names Direct ?

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    Default Buying Domain Names Direct ?

    Okay , its not earth shattering stuff , but I have probably 100 domain names , some that are 'used' as site addresses , some that 'point' to other sites , some I have registered for future use . I seem to pay around $30-40 per name per year . Most companies seem to just charge my credit card each year or two , some I have advance paid for 5 or 10 years .

    A few days ago , I saw ( a presumably American site ) that offers the chance to register your domain names with their 'naked' service for a flat $US8.00 a year . I gather this only works for .com sites ? And it is a very basic service -- if you want to point the domain name to the site , you need to do it yourself .

    I have a friend who says they can handle that easily , and that , at least initially , it may pay for me to move any 'parked' ( unused ) domain names I have to this service .

    Has anyone had any experience with something like this ? I can't see much advantage for just 1 domain name , but if I shift 20 or even 100 over the next few months , it could save several hundred dollars or even $1000-2000 a year .


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    Platz, just quick thoughts here are first watch it isn't tied to anything East Europe or Middle Africa some Sth America in reality. Gut says probably for real, and the likely catch is the initial price is the enticement (their seeing as a promotion cost effectively), followed by some rate of price changes. Ten years ago I did just about exactly this for a NZ based entity, memory of name escapes just now but the initial free forwarding, cheap rates, number of email addresses in package year two left me win fact realising it was short term the gain, and that with the 25% of Scots blood in me. Portal to do the set up was bit clunky, and setting seemed periodically to break so was in end detrimental for me.

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